Calnex Plugs Into ISPCS 2018

Dave Watson ISPCS is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Calnex product functionality due to the unrestrictive nature of the tests. ISPCS is all about 1-1 interactions, all of which enables delegates to examine test equipment thoroughly, and talk about impending functionality.

It also gives an opportunity to gather intelligence on what is in the pipeline for the attendees at the plug-fest. The plug-fest itself, is all about trying out your new product/software to see how it performs against other equipment and how well that performance stacks up against expectations. Test equipment is required!

The majority focus was in the Industrial domain with a lot of emphasis on 801.2as as well C37-238 2017 and IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3. So all of this was relatively new to us all. Not all of the setups were off the peg, with some requiring customisation using the configurable setups in Master Slave Emulation (MSE), as provided by the Calnex Paragon-X product. A great amount of use was made of the PTP Field Verifier (PFV) feature also, to demonstrate protocol compatibility and deviations from default.

Dave Watson, Calnex Solutions - Senior Applications Engineer

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