Product Comparison Matrix

Calnex SNE
Products Calnex SNE Attero-100GAttero Paragon-V
Ethernet Rates Up to 25G25G, 40G, 100GUp to 10GUp to 1G
Interfaces 100M & 1G Elect: RJ45
1G Optical: SFP
10G Optical: SFP+
25G Optical: SFP28
40G: QSFP+ (LR4/SR4)
100G: CFP2 (LR4/SR4)
100G: CXP (SR10)
100M & 1G Elect: RJ45
100M Optical: SGMII
1G Optical: SFP
10G Optical: XFP, SFP+
Number of Profiles (total) UnlimitedOptional 2,4,8,16Optional 4,8,164
Accuracy/Resolution 10us/10us5ns/0.1us5ns/0.1us1ms/1ms approx.
Full Line Rate Delay 0.5s at 25G
0.5s at 10G
1.25s at 1G
200ms at 40G
80ms at 100G
8s at 1G
800ms at 10G
100s (sub line-rate)
Delay Boost at Line Rate 0ms to 4secs at 25G
0ms to 4secs at 10G
0ms to 10secs at 1G
640ms at 40G
256ms at 100G
Automation via LAN
Lost,Error,Repeat,Mis-Order Pkts Lost Packets only
Bandwidth Control (Police/Shape) Future Option
Jitter Packets Future Option
Command Sequencer, iTest Support
Capture and Replay Future option
Graph of Captured IPG Future option
Extended Delay Function
MEF 18/G.8261